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  • Bay of Pigs Invasion From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  • "... (aka Playa Girón), was an unsuccessful attempt by a U.S.-trained force of American immigrants exiled from Cuba to invade southwest Cuba with support from the United States Air Force and overthrow the Cuban government of Fidel Castro. The invasion—planned and funded by the United States government beginning in 1960—was launched in April 1961, several months after John F. Kennedy assumed the presidency in the United States. The Cuban military, trained and equipped by the Soviet Union, defeated the invading force in a matter of days and the event accelerated a rapid deterioration in Cuban-American relations. This was exacerbated the following year by the Cuban Missile Crisis....
    Prior warnings of invasion
    The Cuban security apparatus knew the invasion was coming, via their secret intelligence network, as well as loose talk by members of the brigade, some of which was heard in Miami and was repeated in US and foreign newspaper reports. Nevertheless, days before the invasion, multiple acts of sabotage were carried out, such as the bombing of the El Encanto department store in Havana, desultory explosions, and arson. The Cuban government also had been warned by senior KGB agents Osvaldo Sánchez Cabrera and "Aragon", who died violently before and after the invasion, respectively.[10] The general Cuban population was not well informed, except for CIA funded Radio Swan.[11] As of May 1960, almost all means of public communication were in the government’s hands...
    ...On April 19, 1961, at least seven Cubans plus two CIA hired US citizens (Angus K. McNair and Howard F. Anderson) were executed in Pinar del Rio province.[6..
    In May 1961, Fidel Castro proposed an exchange of the surviving members of the assault for 500 large tractors, presumably for agriculture. The trade rose to US$28 million.[4] Negotiations were non-productive until after the Cuban missile crisis. On December 21, 1962, Castro and James B. Donovan, a US lawyer, signed an agreement to exchange the 1,113 prisoners for US$53 million in food and medicine; the money was raised by private donations....

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    -The Good Shepherd (film), from Wikipedia
    "One of the great travesties of the Cold War surfaced on April 29, 2000 when the Washington Post reported the declassification in full of General Maxwell Taylor's June, 1961 special report on the Bay of Pigs invasion. Partial versions of this document have been available for decades. But only now did its darkest secret spill. Here is what Taylor reported to Kennedy. The Russians knew the date of the invasion (Therefore, Castro also knew.) The CIA, headed by Allen Dulles, knew that the Russians knew (Therefore, they knew the invasion would fail). The leak did not come from the invasion force; it had happened before the Cuban exiles were themselves briefed on the date. Kennedy was not informed. Nor, of course, were the exiles. And knowing all this, Dulles ordered the operation forward"
    Bay of Pigs Part 1 - Castro's Revolution

    "A look at the Cuban Revolution and its dynamic leader, Fidel Castro, whose move to socialism alienated Cuba from the United States and made him a target for the CIA's assassination planners."
    Bay of Pigs Part 2 - Castro's Revolution, from



    El Obrar de Dios en Cuba / The Work of God in Cuba

    "El evangelio se disparce d�a a d�a en Cuba. Esta es una entrevista con el pastor Joel Rosales. La Convenci�n Bautista del Este Cubano reune a m�s de 350 iglesias, 100 de las cuales han sido establecidas en los �ltimos 5 a�os. The gospel in Cuba every day grows . Interview with a pastor Joel Rosales. The Cuban Eastern Baptist Convention has over 350 founded churches. Over 100 have been founded in the last ones 5 years"


  • Spanish -American War, from Wikipedia

  • "....The historical backdrop for the war was the growing Cuban struggle for independence from Spain that had been simmering off and on for over thirty years and which had captured the American imagination. American newspapers had been agitating for intervention with sensational stories of Spanish atrocities against the native Cuban population even though Spain had removed the general behind the harsh policies that had displaced thousands of Cubans in the countryside and had, as in most insurrections, placed them squarely in the crosshairs between 30,000 Spanish troops and the insurrectos, or Cubans fighting for independence. In January 1896, a riot broke out in Havana by Cuban Spanish loyalists leading to the destruction of the printing presses of four local newspapers for publishing articles critical of Spanish Army atrocities....
    When the Maine blew up causing the deaths of 268 men, newspaper owners such as William R. Hearst leapt to the conclusion that Spanish officials in Cuba were to blame, and they widely publicized the conspiracy. Such publications practised what was called "yellow journalism", which originated in New York. Yellow journalism fueled American anger by publishing astonishing "atrocities" committed by Spain in Cuba. Hearst, when informed by a sketch artist he'd hired that conditions in Cuba were not bad enough to warrant hostilities, allegedly replied, "You furnish the pictures and I'll furnish the war."[2] Lashed to fury by the yellow press, the American cry of the hour became, Remember the Maine, To Hell with Spain! President William McKinley, Speaker of the House Thomas Brackett Reed and the business community opposed the growing public demand for war..."


  • Fidel Castro appears again, warns of war, from By Jeff Franks Jeff Franks – 1 hr 21 mins ago (Friday, July 16th 2010)

  • "..HAVANA (Reuters) – Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro took his warning of impending nuclear war to Cuba's Foreign Ministry on Friday, where he explained the reasons for his dire prediction in his fifth public appearance in 10 days.
    Castro's sudden re-emergence after four years in seclusion has raised questions about what it all means. But his message has been consistent -- a devastating war is at hand if the United States, in alliance with Israel, tries to enforce international sanctions against Iran for its nuclear activities.
    He also has predicted the United States will attack North Korea.
    His latest outing was reported on state-run website, ...

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  • Cuba * Journal 1990

  • "...As I lay down in my hotel bed that night I could hardly believe it. I opened my Bible and my hand was at the verse, "The Lord is with thee, thou mighty man of valor" . .. Then Gideon said, "Where be all his miracles ". The Lord looked on him and said, " Go in this night... have not I sent thee ". Judges 6:12 - God gave him a miracle, and God promised that to me also, He had done it, and would do it. I lay praying about carrying the cross, asking where do I start, when, how far will I get - one step, one mile, one day, how soon will I be jailed? God said to me about carrying the cross, "You'll get tired"! I went to sleep in peace. There is glorious beauty in knowing that you are in the Will of God, at the right place, right time, God arranges everything. He is in charge and I must depend upon the leadership of the Holy Spirit every moment. Oh, how wonderful to live this life. Laying that night in Communist Cuba I said to God "I care not to live any other way!" ...
    You can never take this day away. God did it. I carried the cross in Cuba. I started from the sparkling waters of the Atlantic Ocean at Pointe de Hicaus. It was hot but as water dripped from my face I could not contain an exploding smile. The cross, my road companion for decades was resting on my shoulder as I walked, Oh Praise you Jesus! The cross is in Cuba.
    Four Italian tourists on bicycles stopped. "The Jesus cross man" they said. "We saw you last year in Italy."....
    As I lay in bed at 12:45 a.m. praying, I asked, "Lord, why have you blessed me so much?" He replied, "Because thou hast been faithful". I wept in humility. How can this be for a sinner such as I? The Lord also told me to keep walking toward Havana, He would open the way. I must walk on and not stop as long as the way was open. I feel complete rest. .
    What a day! Unreal. Yesterday there were no police problems, today after only ten minutes, the police arrived. Four officers from the "Ministry of Interior" and "Immigration". They formally asked for my documents. I gave my passport, hotel papers, tourist card, then showed my photo album with me and the cross in Moscow, China, Libya, and with Yasser Arafat, the Pope, Billy Graham, etc. Their attitude began to change a bit to friendly. They talked on their radio, left one officer with me and drove off with all my documents and pictures. Every twenty minutes or so, more officers would arrive and ask more questions. I was struggling to answer and understand in Spanish. After about two hours an official came and welcomed me - saying I was free! You are welcome in Cuba, you have religious freedom here. Yes, you can walk on to Havana! They said this was the first cross carried on the highways in Cuba since the revolution. They were smiling and waving me on. I left in a state of shock. When I arrived in Cuba, I was only praying to take one step, or go one day, I had not even thought of the possibility of going the 83 miles to Havana....
    I stood looking at the huge white statue of Jesus that stands high, overlooking the entrance to the Havana harbor. How significant that this atheist, communist nation has not torn it down. It is in clear view of the downtown area. The arms of Jesus are open, reaching out, calling the people of Cuba - Come unto me all ye that are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest. The blood of the Jesus, martyrs of the past will yet bring forth fruit, a mighty harvest. The church is dead in the land, but faith is in the heart of the people. As I left the airport I felt triumph at what had been done and great sadness that I had to leave the people. Yet the way of the pilgrim is the road and it winds on, but every place leaves its mark in my heart and mind. It becomes yet another burden to bear and another beauty that I experienced. I can only say "Dios te Bendiga", "Viva de Cuba" en el nombre de Jesus Christo. Amen.
    The cross was carried in Cuba! Jesus did it. All Glory to God.

    *see Movies: The Passion, Crucification, Easter, Resurrection, etc..

    Natural Disasters


    Another Hurricane ROARING As Ike POUNDS Cuba

    "....Upon the earth distress of nations,with perplexity; THE SEA AND THE WAVES ROARING."...Luke 21:25
    Yet again, the sea and the waves are roaring...this time into Cuba by Hurricane Ike. Some of the footage shown is almost unbelievable!
    Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, spoke of these things that would precede His return. See my channel for more of the prophecies in the Bible which herald the return of Christ, and are being fulfilled daily with increasing frequency and intensity. JESUS CHRIST IS COMING....ARE YOUR SINS FORGIVEN?"

  • Double hurricane wallop leaves Cuba in need Posted: 19 September, 2008 (Mission Network News)

  • "Cuba (MNN) ― Hurricanes Gustav and Ike together delivered the worst hurricane-related blow in Cuba's history. Damage estimates are coming in at five-billion dollars.
    "The real needs now in the country are food and construction material, but especially food", says Rodolfo Juarez of the Cuban Council of Churches.
    How long will it take to recover from the storms? "Nobody knows. This is a poor country, and still in some areas we are suffering from the effects of Michelle, when the hurricane passed in 2003. Most of the province has no electricity yet (from the recent storms)."
    Nearly 450,000 homes were ravaged, and more than 63,000 are damaged beyond salvage. Twelve days after Ike, hundreds of thousands of Cubans still need temporary housing while the government rebuilds.
    While the housing sector was hit hardest, the nation's power grid and highway system fell, thousands of schools were damaged and the infrastructure seemed on the verge of collapse.
    Sonny Enriquez with International Aid (IA) says they are supporting the ministry efforts of the Council to get emergency relief in, with plans to help address longer-term medical needs to one of the harder hit areas, Pinar del Rio.
    Enriquez is working with the Cuban Council of Churches to supply thousands of additional hygiene kits to the province of Pinar del Rio, where an estimated 300,000 houses have been destroyed. "Whatever little they have, has been wiped away. Essential medicines and the poor little clinic that exists in Pinar del Rio has also been damaged."
    An export license held by the ministry expired after IA's emergency response several years ago. When Gustav and Ike hit, relief efforts were complicated a bit. IA made an immediate application for renewal, but that could take up to four weeks IF it is granted.
    That's four weeks too long for many of the storm survivors who need food, clean water and medicine now. Enriquez says they gave the Council representatives the immediate response for distribution, with the hope that when the new license is granted, they can bring in the heavier medical equipment.
    In the meantime, the local believers are taking care of those they can help. It's putting feet to the Gospel. Enriquez says the churches in the area saw a lot of growth after Michelle passed through because "when a church comes to the need of the people at their point of desperation, the people are so open to listen to the Gospel."
    Click here if you can help. "

    Sports (Deportes)


    The Baseball, an instrument to evangelize teenagers in Cuba / EL BEISBOL UN INSTRUMENTO PARA EVANGELIZAR JUVENILES EN CUBA

    "(ENGLISH) During the days 7-9 of July of 2007, at the Baptist camp "Eben Ezer", situated in Palmar�n, Granma province at the Eastern area of Cuba, was celebrated the First Baseballs Christian Teenagers Championship , with 4 teams's assistance, of Santiago de Cuba zone. The teams were integrated for Christian young people and no Christian too, that they fraternized and lived together during these days. In the nights, an orchestra integrated also for some of them, were praise the Lord using their instrument and singing songs of joy"

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