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Hola-Hello in Spanish! Latinos/Hispanic culture has been around me since I grew-up in St.Paul. In fact, there is area (west of downtown) called the "West Side", where the latino/hispanic culture is very evident! My name Sal(vador) means "savior" in Spanish, which my ancestors (great-grandparent in my father side) came from the European country of Spain! I've been called "Chavez" by fellow Latinos/Hispanics because of my Spanish name!

I've been mistakenly called Latino/Hispanic due to my dark brown skin and name itself with/without people knowing how I look. When I was attending college-UMM, I had a hispanic friend who would joke with me that I should join the United Latinos instead of the Asian Student Association because of my latino background. We look at the definition of latino in this book (?), which named all the latino countries of the world-yes, Philippines was included!

Anyways, I belong to a bigger family, which is the family in Christ when I joined in 1999. That is the reason for making this website, to let ever latino, hispanic, or anyone else that they are all created by one God!

"Tu Casa es mi casa"

We can all belong to the same family in the same house of God when we accept Jesus to be numero uno en nuestro vida!

At UMM, I began to learn more about the Hispanic-Latino culture through the many friends (United Latinos Alumns) or "amigos" I met.

Jorge, Alex, and Gerardo ask for tickets to ISA's Fashion Show/Supper in 1997

I love Mexican Food

I worked at Taco Bell during high school and the summer months of college, which I grew to love food close to Mexican food. I finally tasted "real" Mexican food when I went on a mission trip with folks from my church to Sonora, Mexico. A family friend of mine told me his recipie of his "famous enchiladas", which I wanted to keep for future references:

Jeff Mangan's Enchiladas
2 Green Peppers (diced) 2 Jars of Salsa
16 oz Mozarella Shredded Cheese
2 containers of Cream Cheese
2 lbs small sizes of diced Chicken

Mixed this all up in one pot and boil!

Other Related Recipies:
An Excellent Free Recipie for Enchiladas
Chicken Enchiladas, from Mexican Recipie Index

Myths of Hispanics

"All Hispanic Men abuse their wives"

New study documents domestic violence by race, income in R.I.
"The study found that white and Hispanic women were less likely to make a domestic violence report to police as neighborhoods became less impoverished and levels of poverty dropped. However, �black women were as likely to contact police to report domestic violence in poor as in more-affluent neighborhoods,� said lead author Deborah Pearlman, assistant professor of community health.
�We think that white and Hispanic women may take advantage of or have different options for domestic violence interventions,� Pearlman said. �This may include contacting a private physician, having more direct access to a lawyer or the courts, or relying on social support from family and neighbors.� But this study could not confirm that hypothesis, she said. "

Attitudes toward domestic violence: race and gender issues
"Domestic violence does not discriminate between ethnicities or geographic locations; European-American, African-American, and Hispanic women in urban, rural, and suburban areas all experience abuse from their spouses or boyfriends (Greene, Raitz, & Lindblad, 1989; Lockhart, 1987; US Dept. of Justice, Nov. 1994).
In addition to these shocking estimates, the recent O. J. Simpson murder case has directed the issue of domestic violence to the forefront of the public's attention. Although domestic violence has been addressed extensively by the media and academics since the 1970s, it is the Simpson trial that has highlighted the issues of blame and ethnicity (Kozol, 1995). According to many academics and the popular press, American society traditionally has repressed the issue of domestic violence and ignored the needs of battered women. Meyers (1994) contends that "news coverage of battering is socially distorted [and] rooted in assumptions, myths, and stereotypes that link it to individual and family pathology" (p. 48).

Hispanic and Latina Domestic Violence Resources
"The results indicated that White non-Hispanic adolescents were twice as likely to report sexual assault as compared to Mexican American adolescents. Although rates of sexual assault appeared to differ across ethnicity, ethnicity did not seem to effect the relationship between sexual assault and psychosocial outcomes of victims."
More Domestic Violence Awareness Needed in Hispanic Community By Greg Abbott Attorney General of Texas
"It is a common tactic for abusers to isolate their victims, but in the Hispanic community, the victim's isolation may be intensified by a language barrier. In addition, recent immigrants may be far from a family network that could help support them.

Helpful Resources:

  • Alianza, resource to eliminate domestic violence in the Latino community
  • Counseling and Referral Services for the Latino Community

  • Recommended Resources


    Campus Organizations

  • Spanish Club, meets every Sundays @7pm at UMM's Multi-Ethnic Resource Center

  • Literacy Project:ESL at Spanish Club-Folks (around 60 migrant workers) from the West Dairy Farm have been invited (started 10/10/04) to come to learn English and teach Spanish with local UMM Students that take part in the weekly 1-hour Spanish Club meetings. All are welcome to join. If interested and want more information, please contact Alyssa, UMM Student or Sal (me at
    *Note: If you cannot make it on Sundays (CANCELLED for now), you are welcome to help Steve over at Community Ed teach ESL to "spare of the moment" students/visitors at the "new" Morris Elementary School on Wednesdays @6p-9pm (to your left right before the main entrance).

  • United Latinos, meets every Thursdays @6pm at the UMM's Minority Ethnic-Resource Center
  • -Annual Events
    United Latinos Annual Poetry Reading Posted by Viri Zuniga on Saturday, Feb. 23, 2008
    Event Date/Time: Thursday, Mar. 13, 2008 7:00 pm
    End Date/Time: Thursday, Mar. 13, 2008 9:00 pm
    Location: Oyate Hall
    Sponsored by: United Latinos (For more information contact:
    " Its tradition!!! Come enjoy an exciting evening of multilingual poetry and entertainment followed by a reception. If you would like to participate contact us with your name and email before


    Espanol Services

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    Current Community Happenings


  • Second Annual Spanish-Mexican Cinema Festival Begins Sunday, September 20, from

  • "Location: Morris Theatre
    Bienvenidos al Festival de Cine Espanol y Mexicano de 2009! Welcome to the 2009 Festival of Spanish-Mexican Cinema! The second annual Festival runs Sunday, September 20 through Sunday, October 11, 2009, at the Morris Theatre.
    The 2009 Festival of Spanish-Mexican Cinema represents an effort to bring award-winning films from Spain and Mexico to west central Minnesota for the benefit and enjoyment of students and our community members. All four films-in Spanish with English subtitles-will be shown on Sundays at 3 and 7 p.m. at the Morris Theatre (12 East 6th Street). All films are free and open to the public.
    The 2009 Cinema Festival films include:"


    I got a call from a friend from my church about her neighbor (Juan and Doris-wife's name?) involved in a famly "accident" (3 year old fell down the stairs and the father, who is a Hispanic from California getting "accussed" of causing the accident; thus their 1 year old was taken to custody from them through the county) last Thursday. The 3 year old (David?) is getting buried today and the family and relatives (all the way from California-father's side) are in town (Morris, MN) for the funeral and to support Dan/Juan. They are trying to ask for some type of "hispanic" legal services social/spiritual support-have any connections for this area (Morris, MN)?
    Sal(vador) Monteagudo
    P.S. friend of Carlos Gallego

    Community Need (9/27/04):
    "I'm trying to get some individual(s) to help teach ESL (any day of the week after 6p till 10p) to some migrant workers (mostly Mexicans) at the West Dairy Farm (12 miles SW of Morris). I was walking at Willies when one of them asked me and I met with them this past Monday. They would like me to get some who is more fluent (Yo hablo poco espanol)."-Salvador (please e-mail me at if interested)

    "Padre nuestro que est�s en los cielos Santificado sea tu Nombre Venga tu reino H�gase tu voluntad En la tierra como en el cielo Danos hoy el pan de este d�a y perdona nuestras deudas como nosotros perdonamos nuestros deudores y no nos dejes caer en al tentacion sino que l�branos del malo.

    Amen/As� sea -Lord's Prayer in Espanol

    Related Resources on Migrant Workers:

    *this has become an issues lately-October of 2004


  • Powell Praises Migrant Workers (Mine: Powell Praises Illegal Aliens), from

  • -Facts
  • Facts on Farmworkers, from
  • World Factbook: Mexico, from CIA
  • World Facts & Firgures
  • -History

  • "The First Migrants", from
  • MEXICAN LABOR NEWS AND ANALYSIS June 2, 1999 Vol. IV, No. 10, on Confederation of Mexican Workers

  • -Labor Laws/Rights
  • Migrant Domestic Workers Face Abuse in the U.S.: Reform of Visa System, Monitoring Are Needed , an article (2001) from Human Rights Watch

  • Migration News: Labor Laws, from UC Davis

  • Migrant Workers-Summit of the Americas
  • Cesar Chavez Drive has replaced Cougar Drive in 2004 in commemoration of this well known and respected Latino activist.

    ....more on migrant workers

  • Pancake fundraiser for mother and son Sunday at Assumption Morris Sun Tribune

  • Published Saturday, November 18, 2006
    "A pancake breakfast fundraiser for Deonna and Eduardo Herrera is 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 19, at the Assumption Catholic Church Fellowship Hall.
    The event is intended to help Deonna and Eduardo following the death of their son and brother, David Rutherford, 2, on Sept. 7.
    The pancake breakfast is being sponsored by Assumption Church, Faith Lutheran Church, Federated Church, First Lutheran Church, Hosanna Worship Center, Morris Community Church and Morris Evangelical Free Church.
    Thrivent Financial has provided funding, and Hosanna Worship Center provided matching funds."

    Pancake Feed!
    Sunday, Nov 19th 8a-1p
    Location: Assumption Catholic Church
    Proceeds go to Herrera Family to help cover cost="She (Dionna) is destitute with several bills due, a one year old baby to care for, and she's new to town so she doesn't know people."

    Volunteers Needed! Please contact any of the following churches...Morris Community Church, Assumption Catholic Church, First Lutheran, Hosanna and Faith Lutheran.

    The Pancake Feed was a success, which the number of volunteers was more than enough early morning (8am start!)

    Charges expected in death of child Sept. 7 in Morris
    Morris Sun Tribune
    Published Wednesday, September 20, 2006
    " Morris Police have made an arrest and criminal charges are expected this week in connection with the death of David R on Sept. 7 in Morris. Rutherford would have been 3 years old on Sept. 26.
    The Sun Tribune will not publish the name of the suspect until charges are filed.
    Check the Sun Tribune�s Web site -- -- for possible updates.

    Stepfather charged in death of 2-year-old in Morris KSAX Wed. Sept 20th 2006

    " MORRIS, Minn. (AP) - A 25-year-old Morris man was charged with second-degree murder Wednesday in the death of his 2-year-old stepson.
    Juan Carlos Herrera-Serrano was being held in the Kandiyohi County jail in Willmar on $250,000 bail after appearing before Judge Gerald Seibel.
    According to the criminal complaint filed in Stevens County District Court, Herrera-Serrano told authorities his stepson, David Rutherford, was injured in a fall Sept. 7, but gave three different versions of how the boy fell. Falling from steps inside, falling from the outside deck steps, and from the second floor steps.
    A 911 call had been placed around 6:30 p.m. on Sept. 7 reporting that a child was unconscious and not breathing at Serrano's residence.
    When officers arrived, the boy was lying on a bench outside the house on a deck, unresponsive and appeared to be gasping for air.
    He died shortly after arriving at a Morris hospital.
    The Ramsey County medical examiner said the injuries weren't consistent with a fall and ruled the death a homicide.

    Morris man is charged with killing stepson, 2
    The boy was so badly beaten that his liver was nearly severed. Minnesota has had several cases of fatal child abuse this year.
    Robert Franklin, Star Tribune
    Last update: September 20, 2006 � 11:24 PM
    "The 2-year-old boy fell down the stairs, the man said. But a medical examiner said the child bled to death after he was hit so hard in the chest that his liver was almost torn in half. The boy, David Rutherford, who would have turned 3 next week, died Sept. 7 in Morris, Minn., where his family had moved last month, authorities said.
    Juan C H-S, 25, identified in a criminal complaint as David's stepfather, was charged Wednesday with second-degree murder while committing an assault against the boy.
    David's death was one of at least a half-dozen children whose deaths have resulted in murder or manslaughter charges in Minnesota this year.
    Most of the cases came this summer, and most involved a toddler. The children suffered brain damage, internal injuries or scalding.
    Last week, an Isanti County man was charged with second-degree murder in the death of his 6-week-old son.
    David R's funeral notice said he was born to Deonna H. in South Carolina and, "during his short life, he traveled a lot, calling many places home." His brother, Eduardo, is 1. David had relatives in Northfield, Herman and South St. Paul, Minn., and Florida, South Carolina and California.
    The complaint filed Wednesday gave this account:
    When police were called to the Herrera-Serrano home they found David lying on a bench on a deck, unresponsive and appearing to gasp for air. He died shortly after arriving at a hospital in Morris, which is about 150 miles west of the Twin Cities.
    David's mother wasn't home, and Herrera-Serrano told several versions of David's falling down stairs. However, medical authorities said that his injuries were inconsistent with those versions, that he had bruises on his back and chest.
    The Ramsey County medical examiner's office said David bled to death from his liver injury and also had lacerations to his right lung.
    Herrera-Serrano was held in lieu of $250,000 bail after a hearing before Stevens County District Judge Gerald Seibel.
    Connie Skillingstad, executive director of Prevent Child Abuse Minnesota, said many cases of child abuse continue family cycles. Often the parents, when they were children, will have witnessed abuse in the family, or have experienced chemical abuse, incarceration, mental illness or lack of emotional support.
    As adults, those parents sometimes don't have parenting skills or a support system to help them and don't know how to ask for help, she said.
    The criminal complaint in Herrera-Serrano's case does not allege any of those factors.
    It does portray him in an emergency room hall, after David was pronounced dead, on his knees, crying and saying, "I'm sorry, baby."
    Robert Franklin � 612-673-4543 �

    Stepfather charged in death of 2-year-old in Morris Updated: 09/20/2006 08:22:37 PM (KSAX)
    "MORRIS, Minn. (AP) - A 25-year-old Morris man was charged with second-degree murder Wednesday in the death of his 2-year-old stepson.
    Juan Carlos Herrera-Serrano was being held in the Kandiyohi County jail in Willmar on $250,000 bail after appearing before Judge Gerald Seibel.
    According to the criminal complaint filed in Stevens County District Court, Herrera-Serrano told authorities his stepson, David Rutherford, was injured in a fall Sept. 7, but gave three different versions of how the boy fell. Falling from steps inside, falling from the outside deck steps, and from the second floor steps.
    A 911 call had been placed around 6:30 p.m. on Sept. 7 reporting that a child was unconscious and not breathing at Serrano's residence.
    When officers arrived, the boy was lying on a bench outside the house on a deck, unresponsive and appeared to be gasping for air.
    He died shortly after arriving at a Morris hospital.
    The Ramsey County medical examiner said the injuries weren't consistent with a fall and ruled the death a homicide. "

    Morris man makes second court appearance on murder charge Morris Sun Tribune
    Published Wednesday, October 04, 2006
    Juan Carlos Herrera-Serrano made his second appearance in Stevens County District Court on Monday on second-degree murder charges.
    Herrera-Serrano, 25, is charged in connection with the death of his 2-year-old stepson, David Rutherford, at their Morris residence.
    Herrera-Serrano is being held in the Kandiyohi County jail in Willmar on $250,000 bail.
    Herrera-Serrano in court
    Herrera-Serrano told authorities his stepson was injured in a fall Sept. 7, but the criminal complaint against him stated that he gave three different versions of how the boy fell.
    Herrera-Serrano told authorities the boy was injured in a fall, but medical examiner findings dispute that the injuries were consistent with a fall.
    On Monday, Herrera-Serrano was represented by attorney Jeff Kuhn, but Kuhn stated that another attorney would eventually take over as the lead attorney on the case.
    Herrera-Serrano waived a reading of the charges and Kuhn stated that he would not demand a speedy trial, although Herrera-Serrano can request a speedy trial later in the proceedings.
    Attorneys also confirmed that the Immigration and Naturalization Service has a hold placed on Herrera-Serrano.
    Stevens County Attorney Charles Glasrud said he and Deb Peterson from the Minnesota Attorney General�s office would be co-counsel on the case.
    Judge Peter Hoff stated that a scheduling conference be held in about two weeks and that an omnibus hearing be scheduled after the conference.
    Herrera-Serrano allegedly told law enforcement that the boy fell from steps inside. But Herrera-Serrano also stated that the boy fell from the outside deck steps, and from the second floor steps, according to the court complaint.
    Law enforcement was called at 6:30 p.m., Sept. 7, reporting that a child was unconscious and not breathing at Herrera-Serrano�s residence.
    Law enforcement found the boy on a bench on a deck outside the house. The boy did not respond and appeared to be gasping for air. He died shortly after arriving at Stevens Community Medical Center in Morris, according to the complaint.
    The Ramsey County medical examiner stated the injuries weren�t consistent with a fall and ruled the death a homicide.
    The case is being investigated by Morris Police, the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, the Stevens County Attorney's Office and the Minnesota Attorney General's Office.


  • Herrera-Serrano pleads guilty to murder charge Morris Sun Tribune Published Tuesday, February 20, 2007

  • " David Rutherford Morris Sun Tribune Saying he was depressed because of a lack of work and worried about how he would take care of his family, Juan Carlos Herrera-Serrano admitted Tuesday that he became upset enough to assault and eventually kill his two-year-old stepson.
    Herrera-Serrano, 25, pled guilty to second-degree unintentional murder Tuesday in Stevens County District Court. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison and ordered to pay more than $1,000 in restitution and fees.
    Herrera-Serrano�s jury trial was to begin Tuesday, but Stevens County Attorney Charles Glasrud said a tentative deal was worked out with Herrera-Serrano and his attorney, Sergio Andrade, on Friday.
    The deal culminated in Herrera-Serrano�s confession to killing his 2-year-old stepson, David Rutherford, at their Morris residence on Sept. 7, 2006.
    Stevens County District Court Judge Gerald Seibel said the charge carried a maximum sentence of 40 years in prison.
    Herrera-Serrano initially told authorities his stepson was injured in a fall, but the criminal complaint against him stated that he gave three different versions of how the boy fell.
    Herrera-Serrano told authorities the boy was injured in a fall, but medical examiner findings dispute that the injuries were consistent with a fall.
    Herrera-Serrano answered a series of questions, through interpreters, from the prosecution team of Glasrud and Assistant Attorney General Matt Frank, and from Seibel.
    Through questioning, Herrera-Serrano admitted he became upset and struck Rutherford with his knee in the living room of their home.
    Herrera-Serrano allegedly told law enforcement that the boy fell from steps inside. But Herrera-Serrano also stated that the boy fell from the outside deck steps, and from the second floor steps, according to the court complaint.
    Law enforcement was called at 6:30 p.m., Sept. 7, reporting that a child was unconscious and not breathing at Herrera-Serrano�s residence.
    Law enforcement found the boy on a bench on a deck outside the house. The boy did not respond and appeared to be gasping for air. He died shortly after arriving at Stevens Community Medical Center in Morris, according to the complaint.
    The Ramsey County medical examiner stated the injuries weren�t consistent with a fall and ruled the death a homicide.
    But Herrera-Serrano changed his story Tuesday, saying he pled guilty to the murder charge because he was guilty of the crime. He also stated that he, too, believed that people who unintentionally killed a child should serve prison time, although he wished the sentence were shorter.
    Deonna Herrera, Rutherford�s mother and the mother of Herrera-Serrano�s biological son, Eduardo, declined an opportunity to address the court Tuesday, Glasrud said.
    During Tuesday�s proceedings, Herrera-Serrano cried often and audibly during questioning. Deonna Herrera sat directly behind the defense table and spoke with Herrera-Serrano before proceedings began. She hung her head and also cried when Herrera-Serrano answered questions about his demeanor and how he came to hit Rutherford with his knee.
    After answering questions, before sentencing, Herrera-Serrano asked for forgiveness from all involved and that he hoped for another chance to go on with his life because his child needs both parents, Glasrud said.
    According to Herrera-Serrano�s testimony Tuesday, he was in the home on West 9th Street with the two boys. He answered no when asked if Rutherford had misbehaved, and he answered that he didn�t know when asked how his knee hit Rutherford.
    When first asked if he was upset with Rutherford, Herrera-Serrano answered no, but later, when questioned about what caused him to knee the boy, he said, �I was upset and I hit him.�
    When asked what made him upset, Herrera-Serrano said that he didn�t have much work.
    �I was worried about how to support my family,� he said. �At times I�d get depressed and I didn�t know what to do.�

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    Children, from Goodnews UMM|


  • KUMM: Spanish Radio Show, todo (every) Sundays @6-8pm hosted by local spanish-speaking UMM students
  • State-GoodnewsMinnesota

    My friend Shannon poses in front of a beautiful colorful mural on a wall of Hispanic/Latino Business Building on Lake St. (right by hwy 35 W across Taco Bell) in the Hispanic/Latino Neighborhood of Minneapolis



  • Stillwater Motors, in espanol

  • -Mechanic
  • Duke's Cars & Towing, 2812 University Ave. SE Minneapolis

  • *met a mechanic passing business cards of this place at the MN Driver's License Bureau in their new location (Sears across the State Capitol) in downtown St. Paul on Friday, June 29th of 2007


  • Cinco De Mayo, at West St. Paul
  • Dancing

  • Four Season Dance, learn salsa and other latin dances
  • Education

  • Chicano Studies-UofMinnesota
  • Ridgewater Community Ed, offers classes about Latinos and other cultures in Wilmar, MN
  • Science Museum, in espanol
  • ESL Classes

  • Woodland Hills Church

  • -Latino Ministry's -ESL Classes


    Street Preaching in Latino Communities (Bridge Illustration)

    "One thing about being an evangelist is that we must be all things to all people in order that we may win different people groups to Christ (1 Corinthians 9:22). When we go to people who are steeped in the post-modern worldview we have to start with the nature of God the one who made the heavens and earth. However, in many of our immigrant communities there are people groups who already fear the God who all made things. One of these people groups are the large amount of Latinos that have been coming here from Mexico, Central America, and South America. I thank God for them and count it a privilege to be able to bring the Gospel to them right here in the USA. It is refreshing to bring the Gospel to them because they still have a fear of God and that is why we together with Latino Churches are reaching out in Latino communities with the Gospel through both kid's programs and adult preaching. Our goal is for first their salvation and then for their discipleship. By working with local Hispanic churches new believers can be added to new Bible studies, Churches that already are established, and new Church bodie"


  • CAS Financial, la consulta es gratuita, nada pierdes con intentar
  • Language

  • Community Engagement: Multicultural Community Resources, from the Minnesota Department of Health

  • Limited English Proficiency

    Legal Services

  • List of Free Legal Servcies, from US Dept of Justice

  • CENTRO LEGAL (translated)
    2610 University Avenue West, Ste. 450
    St. Paul, MN 55114
    (651) 642-1890
  • MN Hispanic Bar Association
  • *from Fred Law
  • MN Law Help

  • Limited to the Latino community. May charge a nominal fee.


  • La Prensa "two languages, two worlds, one newspaper"
  • Gente de Minnesota, el periodico hispano de nuestra gente
  • Unica Communications,
  • Vida Sabor, latino entertainment in the Twin Cities (with Latino Communications Media
  • Ministries

    -College Campus

  • Destino Movement, raising up a generation of leaders from the Hispanic community to fulfill the Great Commission
  • -General

  • EFCA
  • Miscellaneous

  • Online Resources > Minnesotano Organizations : Business & Culture, from
  • Radio

    Spanish Radio Show in Wilmar
    1650 AM (transmits only 2-6miles radius)
    Saul Sauceda, pastor


  • CLUES, in East Side St. Paul
  • Theater

  • Teatro del Pueblo, is a small, non-profit Latino theater located in St. Paul, MN. Fostered by the Latino community on the West Side, it has grown since its inception in 1992 to serve St. Paul, Minneapolis, the metro area and greater Minnesota.

  • *performance at UMM-Morris on March 27th of 2008


    *see Bible


    Mensaje para los Jvenes cristiano in Spanish - Espanol Videos


    -Lesson Plans
    Basic Spanish Conversation - Greetings and Introductions - YouTube

    ESL Lesson 3 Free

    "Learn about planes, trains and automobiles...and how to talk about them in English!


  • Service Demographics offers snapshot of air force, Randolph Air Force in Texas

  • "-- 7.7 percent of airmen call themselves "Hispanic/Latino"


  • Hispanic Health, personal perspective from Baylor University
  • Language


  • #1 Spanish Translation Servcies
  • Literature

  • Rigoberto Gonzalez, writer

  • *guest at UMM on Friday, April 7th 2006


  • Day Star Television Network (fastest growing Christian Television) based in Dallas, TX

  • Entrevista sobre Misiones en India

    "Pastor Gustavo Melo siendo entrevistado por el canal de television DayStar en los Estados Unidos"
  • Univision, spanish cable channel
  • Military

  • POLITICS OF ASSASSINATION: The Bloody Legacy of the US Army School of the Americas By W. E. Gutman September 1995

  • "..For the past two years, a group of US legislators, led by Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy II (D-MA), have vowed to shut down the facility/ "SOA graduates include dictators and soldiers implicated in gross human rights violations in Latin America," says Kennedy. "[Continued operation of] this facility suggests that the US has blessed such excesses. The SOA costs [the US] millions of dollars a year and identifies us with tyranny and oppression." In 1993 Kennedy sponsored an amendment to the House Defense Appropriations Bill calling for an end to the training provided at the SOA. The measure was defeated. Reintroduced in 1994, the amendment was again rejected. This time the defeat was sustained by a sixfold increase in the number of abstentions from the preceding year.
    Founded in Panama in 1946--and relocated in 1984 to Fort Benning when Panamanian President Jorge Illueca evicted it-- calling it "the biggest base for destabilization in Latin America"--the SOA has trained over 60,000 Latin American and Caribbean basin soldiers. It has also produced some of the region's most despicable tyrants. The SOA is expected to graduate about 750 students in 1995. ..

  • SOA Watch

  • ".. is an independent organization that seeks to close the US Army School of the Americas, under whatever name it is called, through vigils and fasts, demonstrations and nonviolent protest, as well as media and legislative work. ...
  • Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  • "...was established in the Atlantic sector of the Panama Canal Zone, in the US army base of Fort Amador.[2] During 1949 it was expanded and became the U.S. Army Caribbean Training Center, seated into a former hospital building on the grounds of Fort Gulick[3] (now housing the Melia Hotel).[4]
    It was once again expanded and renamed the U.S. Army School of the Americas in 1963. It relocated to Fort Benning in 1984, following the signing of the Panama Canal Treaty.[5] More than 61,000 military personnel attended these United States Army schools.[1]
    According to WHINSEC's web page, "the School of the Americas taught military education courses as they were taught in U. S. Armed Forces institutions—the School translated the courses, lessons plans and all, into Spanish. Beginning in 1963, and evolving as the region changed, SOA taught, at various times, professional military education and training courses to officers and non-commissioned officers in the areas of:..

    War on democracy - School of Americas

    "School of Americas. Our good friend Duane Clarridge shows his true colours once again in this clip"
    Father Roy: Inside the School of Assassins


  • Un Dia Sin Mexicanos

  • *I saw this interesting docomuntary/entertaining movie the other night (3/4/05)

    -Short Films
    Antonio Henaine - Toño Moño - the parable of the lost son

    "Some have even called it the parable of the prodigal father, because of the father's extravagance. Even today, after centuries of teaching about God's grace, the father's willingness to forgive his runaway son is shockingly generous."
    *see more on the Parable of the Lost Son-Backslidden


    Jaci Velasquez - God So Loved-Dios al mundo am�

    Related Sites:
    Bio, from Wikipedia
    "Velasquez grew up an Evangelical attending church and her parents were singers. She is of Mexican, Spanish and French ancestry.[1] When she was ten years old, her parents leased their Houston home and dedicated themselves to touring the United States with their Christian music. It was while on the road that she was discovered by a representative of Myrrh Records."
    Tu Misericordia

  • Crystal Lewis- El Cordero y Leon en espa�ol(In Spanish), from

  • Salvador, latin upbeat praise & worship band from Austin, TX

  • Margaux (A&O Member from Chicago, IL) and I pose with the group Salvador (from Austin, TX) at Sonshine Festival 99' in Wilmar, MN


    Praise you in the Storm - Spanish Version - Espanol Videos

    "This is Samaritan Revival singing Praise you in the Storm from Casting Crowns in Spanish. Lyrics are on the Video"


  • Beyond Soccer
  • Global-Multicultural


  • Cascaron Crazy,egg-squisite hand painted confetti eggs by a team of Christian artists
  • Bibles

  • New Spanish Bible translation paves the way for discipleship, evangelism Posted: 24 January, 2011

  • "International (MNN) ― The Spanish speaking world doesn't have nearly the amount of resources as English speakers when it comes to Bible translation. But a recent release of a new translation has changed the way some Hispanics understand the Word.
    Jim Williams with Luis Palau Association is known as a counselor in Latin America. When Williams noticed that the people he was counseling--especially those from younger generations--were having a difficult time capturing the ideas behind Scriptural passages with outdated phraseology, he knew something would need to change.
    "I always used our old version, which is called 'Reina-Valera,' which came out in 1960--it's a revision of something done in the 1600's. And I noticed when I was counseling, people were not catching the concepts as I was using passages of Scripture," explains Williams. "So I started thinking, ‘We need something that is clear, but is still as faithful as 'Reina-Valera' is.'"
    As a result, Williams set out with the Luis Palau Association, Tyndale House Publishers, and a few other partners "to produce a Spanish translation that would be faithful to the original languages, but at the same time extremely easy to understand--something like the New Living Translation in English."
    After 10 years of hard work, not knowing whether or not people would even respond to the finished product, the organizations released the Nueva Traducción Viviente (NTV), an updated version of the Bible in Martin Luther's "dynamic equivalency" format. Since the May release of the NTV, Luis Palau Association has seen an enormous response throughout South America, Central America and the Caribbean.
    The NTV is being used by prison ministries, by evangelists for new converts, and by everyday believers, including many elderly believers. Williams says, "It's not only for new Christians and young people, but the older people can really profit from it also." Even many who had vowed never to use a translation other than the Reina-Valera--including Luis Palau himself--converted to the new version after reading bits of the easy-to-understand format.
    The NTV has opened the doors for multiple new evangelistic and discipleship opportunities. Its comprehensible format is not only a draw to seekers and new converts, but its creation has also ignited other projects. Tyndale has released a Bible for new converts in conjunction with the NTV, which has 100 pages of information for beginning believers, including a glossary of evangelistic terms to help them feel more at home in church.
    Williams is readying himself to begin working on a study Bible with Tyndale as well. The Spanish study Bible edition of the NTV will serve as a discipleship tool, especially for those who don't have access to vast theological libraries.
    As Luis Palau Association moves ahead with innovations in the Spanish-speaking world, exciting opportunities are arising. Specific details can't be mentioned for security reasons, but your prayers are appreciated.
    "I think the best thing that people can do is pray for us. We've got some opportunities right now that are still working themselves out. If they come to fruition--if the Lord allows Tyndale and us to forge ahead, there are going to be some very interesting penetrations of some places of the world that need the Scriptures in a clear version, but don't have it."
    Get your own copy of the Nueva Traducción Viviente at,, or your local bookstore. "

    Pelicula: El Apocalipsis de San Juan Parte 1 de 3 (Spanish) - Espanol Videos




    Season 3 Trailer - En Amigos y Héroes - Español

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    Poema-Dios,Carta de Amor del Padre in Spanish(En espaol) - Espanol Videos


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  • What's going to happen on December 21st 2012?, from

  • "Will the world end on 21st December 2012 because of the end of the Mayan calendar or because the winter solstice is "aligned" with the Milky Way?
    It appears that Mayan ideas about time keeping and calendars were very cyclical. This is actually easy to understand because it's quite like our calendar which has cycles of various sizes very familiar to us..

    Mayan Calender-Wikipedia
    "The Mesoamerican Long Count calendar forms the basis for a New Age belief, first forecast by Jose Argulles, that a cataclysm will take place on or about December 21, 2012, a forecast that mainstream Mayanist scholars consider a misinterpretation, yet is commonly referenced in pop-culture media as the 2012 problem...
    Mayan Civilization-Wikipedia
    The Maya collapse
    " For reasons that are still debated, the Maya centers of the southern lowlands went into decline during the 8th and 9th centuries and were abandoned shortly thereafter. This decline was coupled with a cessation of monumental inscriptions and large-scale architectural construction.[8] Although there is no universally accepted theory to explain this “collapse,” current theories fall into two categories: non-ecological and ecological.
    Non-ecological theories of Maya decline are divided into several subcategories, such as overpopulation, foreign invasion, peasant revolt, and the collapse of key trade routes. Ecological hypotheses include environmental disaster, epidemic disease, and climate change. There is evidence that the Maya population exceeded carrying capacity of the environment including exhaustion of agricultural potential and overhunting of megafauna...."

    "...Maya architecture spans many thousands of years; yet, often the most dramatic and easily recognizable as Maya are the fantastic stepped pyramids from the Terminal Pre-classic period and beyond...
    Writing and literacy
    ...It is most often classified as a logographic or (more properly) a logosyllabic writing system, in which syllabic signs play a significant role. It is the only writing system of the Pre-Columbian New World which is known to completely represent the spoken language of its community. In total, the script has more than a thousand different glyphs, although a few are variations of the same sign or meaning, and many appear only rarely or are confined to particular localities. At any one time, no more than around 500 glyphs were in use, some 200 of which (including variations) had a phonetic or syllabic interpretation...
    "In common with the other Mesoamerican civilizations, the Maya used a base 20 (vigesimal) and base 5 numbering system (see Maya numerals). Also, the preclassic Maya and their neighbors independently developed the concept of zero by 36 BC. Inscriptions show them on occasion working with sums up to the hundreds of millions and dates so large it would take several lines just to represent it. They produced extremely accurate astronomical observations; their charts of the movements of the moon and planets are equal or superior to those of any other civilization working from naked eye observation....
    "Uniquely, there is some evidence to suggest the Maya appear to be the only pre-telescopic civilization to demonstrate knowledge of the Orion Nebula as being fuzzy, i.e. not a stellar pin-point. The information which supports this theory comes from a folk tale that deals with the Orion constellation's area of the sky. Their traditional hearths include in their middle a smudge of glowing fire that corresponds with the Orion Nebula. This is a significant clue to support the idea that the Maya detected a diffuse area of the sky contrary to the pin points of stars before the telescope was invented.[18] Many preclassic sites are oriented with the Pleiades and Eta Draconis, as seen in La Blanca, Ujuxte, Monte Alto, and Takalik Abaj..."

    *see GoodnewsEverybody: Latino-Guatemala on the Movie: Apocalyptco



    Jose Feliciano - Feliz Navidad

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  • Liberia Dime
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  • Spanish Kids Books, from Christian Books Store
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  • Perfeccionando a Los Santos para la obra del ministerio, from
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    "Cuan Grande Es El"

    from the movie "The Passion of Christ"


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  • Ave Maria, a story of the Virgin Mary
  • Maria Full of Grace, the movie (played during World Touch Cultural Heritage Week at UMM on 3/31/05)

  • -Reviews: (1) Sin Nombre - Official Trailer, from
    Dangerous train journeys in Sin Nombre

    "Cary Fukunaga's feature film debut depicts the plight of Central American immigrants trying to cross the Mexican border into the United States. .."
    Fabulous Picture Show - Sin Nombre - 13 Aug 09 - Part 2, from
    "Entertainment editor Amanda Palmer is joined by Cary Fukunaga, the director of the socio-political thriller "Sin Nombre" for a Q&A session. Amanda Palmer also speaks to Danny Glover ("Colour purple") about the documentary "Soundtrack for a Revolution", and to Ousmane Sembene, "the father of African cinema". "
    *see Issues: Gangs,


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  • "A-Jesus Adrian Romero-Tal Como Soy"


    "jesus adrian romero "
    "El es el rey"- Danilo Montero

    "musica cristiana "
    *referred by Chris G. (Feb 09')
    Danilo Montero- Abre mis ojos oh Cristo ("Open My Eyes Lord"), from
    danilo montero - eres todo poderoso, from
    "una cacion para reflexionar en momentos dificiles "
  • El Espiritu de Dios Esta Aqui, from

  • "VideoClip Cristiano... "
  • Tinder Records, latin american
  • Tinder Records, caribbrean
  • "Salvador, a Ti me rindo"............Sampaguita

    *referred by her on You Tube on Nov 08'. She is part Filipino
    "Padre ayudame a que por tu gracia y amor,te entrege cada dia a Ti,todo mi ser!!! "
    "tomalo" Hillsong

    "Realmente le doy gracias a Dios por el exito que tiene este video y por la oportunidad que me da de compartirte de la salvación que hay en Jesus, el es real y puede cambiar tu vida sin importar la situación en la que estes, para el nada hay imposible, acercate a él y conoce la verdadera libertad, el es más que una religión, el es una verdad que tienes que vivir para entender, es muy facil. Si quieres conocer más o necesitas ayuda contactame por medio de este canal. "

    Book References:

    Alabadle!: Hispanic Christian Worship
    Justo L. Gonzalez / Paperback / Abingdon Press / February 1996

    Steven, Hugh. �The Continuing Story: Manuel� Totonac Indian Credo Publishing Corporation. @1987

    The Hispanic challenge: opportunities confronting the church.
    Ortiz, Manuel.
    Condition: 194p., first printing, wraps.
    Format: Paperback / First Edition
    Associated Dealer: Bolerium Books San Francisco, CA


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